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Hey gorgeous, we're happy you're here! Want to speak to an aesthetician? Book your free 15 minute discovery call to learn more about The Gold Method services and offerings.

BBL Rosacea Treatment

BBL is one of the most popular ways to treat rosacea. Often, you will need to have multiple treatments to achieve results as there is no known cure for rosacea. These include a series of treatment sessions booked closely together and some maintenance sessions spread further apart. Once you start seeing results, your aesthetician as The Gold Method can create a treatment plan with you to keep your skin looking its best.
Along with BBL Rosacea treatments, we are pleased to retail Vivier Redness Programs. These kits have been shown to reduce and help treat the symptoms associated with Rosacea. 

Is this covered under MCP?:
No, it used to be but was discontinued a number of years ago. We offer discounted rates for Rosacea treatments with a Doctors note stating that you've been diagnosed with rosacea. Some insurance companies may provide coverage however it is up to the patient to contact their insurance provider and submit a claim. We do not bill insurance companies.

How do I get started?:
Please see us for a complimentary consultation to determine if BBL Rosacea treatments would be suitable for you.

Is there any discomfort with these treatments?:

This is a non-invasive, quick treatment that has some discomfort. Patients will experience a sensation of warmth, or the snap of a rubber band with each pulse. Most patients get through the treatment without any complaints however we recognize for some it may be slightly uncomfortable so we strive to make your experience as quick and easy as possible. The BBL has built-in cooling technology to help with any discomfort. A topical anesthetic cream can be applied for a minimal fee before the treatment if requested but in most cases isn't needed.

Can I expect any downtime after my treatment?:
There are minimal side effects or downtime with BBL. Mild redness and swelling usually resolves within 24 hours. It’s important to limit sun exposure and use a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen after your treatment. We recommend avoiding strenuous exercise for 48 hours after your treatment in an effort to not dilate any capillaries or vessels.  There is always a possibility of bruising, scabbing, or crusting with these treatments. We recommend booking these treatments at least 10 days before an event.