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Forever Young BBL™

BBL is an upgraded, advanced version of IPL.
Forever Young BBL™ is one step closer to the fountain of youth. This is an advanced technology that uniquely delivers light therapy to 
slow down, treat and reverse damaged and aged skin. It effectively provides a more radiant, refreshed and youthful appearance. With this treatment we can treat a wide variety of conditions such as age spots/sun damage, freckles, redness, small vessels, rosacea and uneven skin tone. 
Forever Young BBL™ is the only device that has been shown to change the expression of genes associated with aging. With regular Forever Young BBL™ treatments, your skin will look clearer, smoother, and much younger. Studies have shown that regular treatment with Forever Young BBL caused patients to look ten years younger than their average age. Find out more about that study here.

Book a complimentary consultation to determine if this treatment is right for you. This is a mandatory first step for all our clients who are interested in BBL treatments. Please note, we cannot treat you if you've recently been tanning or had a lot of sun exposure. Self tanner must be discontinued at minimum 2 weeks prior to treatment.

How should I prepare for my treatment?:
It is important to discontinue the use of prescription vitamin A products and acids one week prior to your treatment and one week post treatment.
Even though the downtime is minimal we recommend you do not have an important event within 7-10 days of your BBL Forever Young Treatment.
We recommend having an Oxygeneo Super Facial ~10 days after your Forever Young treatment to polish away any targeted pigmentation and enhance the overall results and appearance of your skin.

Can I expect any downtime after my treatment?:
The downtime with Forever Young BBL treatments is very minimal and makeup can be worn post treatments. SPF must be worn daily with reapplication and sun exposure needs to be strictly avoided. There is a chance of swelling and bruising usually near the cheek and eye area. The can last a couple of days if it does occur. You'll be given post care instructions on how to treat your skin. We're with you every step of the way.

Absolutely and this is what makes the BBL Technology far superior to the IPL Technology. It is very important to understand that when undergoing a series of BBL Forever Young Photo-Facials that there may be minimal to no visible changes to the skin at follow up sessions if all targetable pigment has been treated but there are so many incredible benefits happening beneath the skin that cannot be measured or seen by just looking at the surface.

For example, it has been clinically proven that having a series of BBL Forever Young Photo-Facials slows down aging of the skin, which means that the benefits are long term and not seen in the short term.
Exciting new clinical research from Stanford University has revealed that having a Forever Young BBL Photo-Facial 2+ times a year actually reverses the signs of aging and causes skin cells to behave younger.  Younger skin cells produce more collagen and elastin than aged skin cells.
Compelling evidence supports that getting regular long-term BBL treatments will enhance the expression of longevity-related genes in aged skin cells; essentially reversing the aging process and returning skin to a genetically youthful state.

This is why we encourage clients looking for the most powerful anti-aging treatment to have a series (4) once a year for the deep, genetic changes that it causes. Aging is happening beneath the skin, it is a limited perspective to view aging in the scope of the visible superficial signs. BBL is going deep to prevent the surfacing of aging on the skin overtime. Literally slowing down aging of the skin by treating it where it begins.

Tanned skin
Photo-sensitizing medications
Pregnancy or Breast Feeding
Not safe for darker skin types
Accutane in the last 12 months
Blood thinning medications