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About Us

Why The Gold Method?

We didn’t always have this name. When we first opened in 2016 we had a vision for a business that would be a niched-down version of a full service beauty bar. However ‘beauty bar’ didn’t quite fit our vibe or what we were trying to achieve with our brand so we re-branded in late 2019.

While sitting in a meeting brainstorming about what name perfectly suited us, our  graphic designer who was working on our rebrand exclaimed “We need something that showcases your own method of doing things, you really do have a unique service!”

As we spoke further on that, someone else chimed in and said “Kind of like your own gold standard!"

Gold standard, our own method… we knew we were on to something.

Our graphic designer then mentioned The Golden Ratio. If you’ve never heard of this it’s explained as a mathematical ratio you can find almost anywhere in nature, architecture, painting, and music. When specifically applied to design, art & beauty, it creates an organic, balanced, and aesthetically pleasing composition.

And while there will never be a one-size-fits-all approach to beauty, there is a concrete, mathematical approach that can help us get one step closer to creating amazing experiences every time: The Golden Ratio.

That. was. it.

It was a beautiful way to express all things equal and balanced (ahem; brows!) & and it also perfectly expressed our own concrete methodological approach when it comes to how we provide our services to achieve an amazing experience every single time for our guests; our very own golden ratio if you will. The Gold Method was then born during that meeting and we’ve been loving sharing the story and the love of our unique name ever since!

Behind the Brand:

Owners & Aestheticians, Stacey & Sarah have worked in both traditional & medical aesthetics throughout their lengthy career in this industry. When coming up with the vision for the brand they knew they wanted something that could combine aspects of both worlds to perfectly blend the two & create a harmony between traditional facials & effective clinical chemical peels - their motto is that you shouldn’t have to choose between results & rejuvenation. You get to have both!